the founder

The Traveler Hostess is the result of a personality default with an area of expertise. Born in Portugal, I have lived (and traveled) in several other countries. My biggest pleasure was always to host my visiting friends and open-heartedly show them the local perception that I had discovered. The pleasure and open-heartedness were translated into my modus operandi when I started working in Tourism. Every time I work on a client’s program, I introduce either a local activity or take them to a different and unexpected place. Clients are just as special as friends, and I believe this has made a difference all along.

When I moved back to Portugal, I know I wanted to welcome people to my country, but this time and entirely my way. The main goal is to allow travelers to discover a new country with the help of a friend who’s hosting the entire trip, introducing places, flavors, and experiences only locals know.

And this is how The Traveler Hostess was born.

the traveler hostess

My notion of success also means to be surrounded by the best suppliers in all matières, so we can satisfy all travelers’ needs. At this stage, we can call ourselves a multidisciplinary team, able to meet your demands, but most important, to share how we see the country, our experience, our knowledge! The familiar and also the traditional side of Portugal!

We will be your app, your personal guide, your Lonely Planet. We will have the best recommendations, the best local tips!

You are our guest and we meet you in person, to host you and share our country, our views, our traditions! We are taking the tailor-made service to whole new (and greater) level!

 So join us on a ride full of magnificent boutique charm experiences.
Get inside, get inspired! Seja muito bem-vindo! (Welcome!)