colares market

There is always one market happening somewhere in Portugal. If you are staying for the weekend, there is a huge possibility to go to a Saturday morning market. Colares Market is one of them, usually on the last weekend of each month.

coolares market

Colares, located in the Sintra area, is known to be the smallest wine region in the country, maybe in the world. Besides wine tasting, we can go shopping at the one-in-a-month market that combines history with fashion.

coolares market

The first “Hippie Chic Garage Sale” takes place on a centennial property, Quinta de Cimo de Pé da Serra, located between Colares and Cabo de Roca, on Sintra Mountains.

Clothes, jewelry, design, and gourmet can be found on this market, it doesn’t offer a lot of variety but the spot where the market develops is amazing! Not to be missed!

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