Portugal… A new very old country that you need to discover!

There is no better way to know a country than through the eyes of a local! For that, we have created our newsletter!

This country, bathed by the Atlantic, holds the oldest frontiers in Europe and contains the most beautiful landscapes, from a distance of an eye…

An indescribable heritage watered by a unique gastronomy. Situated in the extreme southwest of Europe, this country includes two of the Atlantic pearls, the archipelagos of Madeira and Azores, riches in Fauna and Flora

Fortnightly you will discover a new country and share new experiences, we will introduce you to new places through our eyes. Our rubrics promise to leave you mouthwatering for this country. Between seas and valleys, this country will allow you to delve into the discovery.

In the rubric blog, we want to show you, some places that you can’t miss, like the “Top 3 Things Not to be Missed at Comporta!”, that presents Comporta like a combo between beach and countryside. In every newsletter, we will present the best places to walk on the beach, to enjoy an incredible sunset, to take off your shoes and feel the grass on your feet! We want you to feel a little Portuguese, passionate about our traditions, lost in our paths…

Every place has it’s distinct cultural and it’s distinct habits, you cannot talk about Portugal without talking about fado, or football. Our Experiences rubric allows us to share some of the experiences already lived by those who have challenged us. These are 100% customizable and adapted to your wishes! Do you want to share with us the trip of your dreams? Open your mind… We can make it happen!

The horoscope is defined as a diagram that reflects the positions of the planets in a determined day. This helps to trace a personality, or way of being in a person’s life. Based on our customized way of acting before each client, this rubric was created with the objective of giving each client his unique experience.

Have you ever been asked what it meant for you to see? Some say that a picture is worth a thousand words… Knowing that a challenge would be great, we created the rubric “Five Senses”! Through this rubric, we share experiences that awaken each sense…

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