Portugal is the World’s Best Destination, considered by the recent award from the World Travel Awards, that as also confirmed the current trend, acknowledged by many guides, travel writers, bloggers and the media from around the world specializing in travel and tourism. And do you know why Portugal has been on everyone’s lips and we can plan your voyage…

1. The Cities
If you have only a few days, Lisbon and Porto are two very attractive cities, just a few hours flight from most major European cities. Both are bathed by a river that gives them a characteristic and different environment. They are hospitable places with their historic neighborhoods and streets with tiled façades, to get to know by day or enjoy on a night out, along with examples of modern architecture and urban art, and they also have a really diverse and creative cultural agenda. If you want to discover Portugal’s best cities book four our North to South Tour, or Mother & Daughter Tour, that we present on our website as an example.

2. Sun, Beach, and Sea
In fact, the Portuguese coast is almost a single beach extending more than 850 km and offering a diversity of landscapes that allows you to choose between the rougher and cooler sea in the north and the warm, placid waters of the south. There are large stretches of golden sand for those who love an expansive horizon, and also little coves with orange-tinted rocks and cliffs. Get your motor runnin’ and discover our incredible coastline!

3. Walking and cycling trips
The Natural Parks and Reserves, Geoparks and Biosphere Reserves recognized by UNESCO have ensured that Portugal is also a destination very appreciated for enjoying outdoor activities, whether they are more contemplative, such as bird watching, or more extreme, like canyoning. In the last few years, following nature trails on foot or by bike has been a good choice for those who like to combine physical exercise and contact with the local culture.

4. Paths of Faith
The Portuguese Road to Santiago and the Paths of Fátima are increasingly sought out by those who like walking a purpose, focusing on knowledge, nature, and culture. We can present you with a customized tour so you can know these places during the biggest events associated with them, where you can pray or reflect … or just take your time…

5. Surfing
Surfers of all types find on the Portuguese coast the largest number of spots with the least distance between them, where they compete in events from the most important championships in the world, like the Rip Curl Pro Portugal. Challenge yourself and invite your friends to experience our Surf Tour!

6. Music Festivals
The choice is yours, depending on what music you like, there are international festivals near to cities, in Lisbon and Porto, in a rural environment, next to the river, or in combination with some nice days at the beach. And if you need a plan or a host… here we are to help you have the coolest and funniest festival ever!

See which festivals are already scheduled for 2018 and check out their line-ups at www.portuguesemusicfestivals.com.

7. Golf
Portugal has consecutively won the award for best golf destination in Europe and the world, at the World Golf Awards. Many golf courses have been designed by renowned architects like Robert Trent Jones, Rocky Roquemore, Sir Henry Cotton, Arnold Palmer, among others. However, what best defines them is their unquestionable quality and scenic beauty, as they are often in unspoiled areas and have the sea as a backdrop. Contact us, we have a Golf Tour that we would like to present you!

8. World Heritage
The 22 classifications in Portugal portray the history and culture of the country, its people, and the peoples that have inhabited the land since time immemorial. Monasteries and convents of historic and artistic importance, outstanding monuments, historic centers, cultural landscapes, which offer some of the most beautiful natural scenery in Portugal, were considered by UNESCO as being a part of World Heritage. We will take you to some of these wonderful places on our Lisbon TourLisbon’s postcard-perfect panorama of cobbled alleyways, ancient ruins, and white-domed cathedrals, a captivating recipe crafted over centuries.

9. Gastronomy and Wines
Portuguese gastronomy is greatly appreciated and usually leaves good memories. The country’s location and the proximity of the Atlantic explain the prominence which is given to fish and seafood.
Port wine has been a great ambassador of Portugal for centuries, and nowadays it is accompanied by other genuinely Portuguese products, like the pastel de nata [custard tart] and conventual confectionery. So feel yourself at home and make a reservation for our Food Tour!

10. The People
One of the things that tourists notice most when they visit us, is the hospitality and friendliness of the Portuguese, who are always ready to help if they are stopped on the street and asked for information. The main goal of The Traveler Hostess is to represent these values and to allow travelers to discover a new country with the help of a friend who’s hosting the entire trip, introducing places, flavors, and experiences only locals know.

You can’t skip Portugal!

É um até já!

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