A Two-Wheeled Adventure!

A Cycling Tour through the Douro Region
The perfect spot to a cycling tour! known for being one of the most incredible wine regions in Portugal, Douro has a unique and magical beauty. From the synergy between Man and Nature, it was created a region rich in history and gastronomy…
Piodão and Marialva are the perfect combination of the quiet and peaceful countryside, with the majestic landscape of its surroundings. Replete with buildings that resist time, thus creating a journey into the past.

Note: This is just a sample of the program and its itineraries, it will be adjusted to our clients’ preferences.

Day 1 – Oporto – Pinhãoadd
This journey starts with our arrival to Oporto, you will be transferred to your hotel in Pinhão, nearby the Douro river. Other points of interest in Pinhão:
  • The viewpoint of Casal de Loivos – the opportunity to enjoy one of the most beautiful views over the Douro river;
  • EN222 - Known as one of the most beautiful roads in the world, EN222 crosses the Douro Valley, the Porto wine region;
  • Favaios - known for its Muscat wine, in the village of Favaios you can see its incredible landscape and history;
  • Pinhão Train Station - visiting this station is like a return to the past.
Day 2 – Pinhão – Tabuaço – Adorigo – Peso da Régua – Pinhãoadd

We will start the ride by the N222, voted as the world's best road by Avis. You’ll then climb towards Tabuaço, cruising by the Távora River and witnessing the amazing views over the vineyards. Then, we'll make a stop at Tabuaço to visit the city center and start descending towards Adorigo and Peso da Régua. Return to your bike tour in the Douro Valley and ride back to your hotel in Pinhão to finish the loop.

Day 3 – Pinhão – Casal de Loivos – Alijó – Favaios – Pinhãoadd

In the third day, the ride starts in the direction of Pinhão River, a tributary of the Douro. Ride upwards to “Casal dos Loivos” viewpoint and continue to Alijó and Favaios and then back to Pinhão, with our arrival at your hotel.

Day 4 – Pinhão – São João Pesqueira – Marialva/Longroivaadd

Start your bike tour from Pinhão towards São João da Pesqueira, on a long but manageable climb – or choose to begin your ride at São João da Pesqueira, being transferred to there.

Experienced riders are invited to ride towards São Salvador do Mundo for a great view over the river and Douro valley.

Ride towards Mêda and the Marialva historical villages and witness the changes in the landscape, as you go deeper into the Beira Alta.

Day 5 – Marialva/Longroiva – Trancoso – Marialvaadd

Start of the ride from Marialva towards Trancoso, with its trademark medieval castle and fortified walls enveloping the historical city center. Ride back towards Marialva by the plateau, passing through Mêda and descending back to Marialva.

Day 6 - Marialva/Longroiva – Faia Brava – Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo – Barca D’Alvaadd

Start your Douro bike tour towards the national park of Faia Brava, by the Côa River. Ride on car-free roads up to Freixo de Espada à Cinta and then enjoy the amazing 20km descending towards Barca D’Alva, on the frontier with Spain.

Transfer back to the hotel.

Day 7 - Marialva/Longroiva – Portoadd

On the last day, you will have the transfer to Oporto. The rest of the day you are free to visit the city.

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