A different experience of the Portuguese cuisine... just right next door to Lisbon!

Rise and shine on your way to a desert island!

Our trip starts just after breakfast. You will be transferred to Setúbal, located 30 minutes’ drive from the center of Lisbon.

The city was the birthplace of outstanding Portuguese cultural figures, specifically Bocage (19th-century poet, famous for the ironic tone and social criticism that he put into everything he wrote), and Luísa Todi (important lyric singer).

A visit to The Church and the Convent of Jesus, which houses the Municipal Museum, that is distinguished by its Gothic-Manueline style, and the Fort of São Filipe, now converted into a "Pousada" (country-house hotel), from which one can enjoy an amazing view of the city that extends itself to the Sado River can be arranged but this experience it's all about the sea!

Around Setúbal there are protected areas, in particular, the Sado Estuary Nature Reserve, where it is still possible to see wild dolphins, and the Arrábida Natural Park, which has unique characteristics and contains species that can only be found in areas near the Mediterranean! These are the areas that we are passing by!

The boat, a fisherman boat, will be waiting for you on the port and the host will take you for a magnificent boat ride through the Sado River and its astonishing desert islands on Tróia Peninsula, an area that extends itself for about 18 km of amazing beaches. Breakfast will be served abroad!

You will learn about the traditional fishermen's way of life while sailing! The tides will take us to a remote beach area only accessible by boat, you will be invited to swim and to profit from this "private" beach. Meanwhile, our host will prepare you a traditional fish dish and give you a little taste of the Portuguese flavors.

After lunch, we will sail to Arrábida area where excellent beaches, such as Figueirinha, Galapos or Portinho da Arrábida (a magnificent sheltered bay) will be stopping points for marvellous opportunities of diving points.

Challenge yourself to leave Lisbon for a day and visit its surroundings, you will be amazed by the beauty of the landscapes you will cross... This trip will surely worth it!

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