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With the help of a fashion blogger, you will discover the trendiest shops in Lisbon or Oporto areas. The idea is to make a shopping tour according to what the customer wants to buy, it can be clothes, jewelry, furniture, vintage items .... tailor-made shopping script done by a hostess or a fashion blogger.


With a leather manufacturing heritage equal to that of luxury production powerhouses France and Italy, and offering comparable quality at a significantly lower cost, ‘Made in Portugal’ is on the rise.

Given the example of footwear, Portugal is an excellent source. It has very similar craftsmanship to Italy and France with significantly lower labor costs. The industry is composed of small-scale factories with very low minimums, which attract higher-end designers and top-tier ranges. And it is easy, cheap, super-quick, normally three days for the import of raw materials such as hides, heels, outsoles, trims, metal components, etcetera, from Italy, France, and the UK, as well as decent local component supply.

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