Very early in the morning, we arrived at the valley where Aldeia da Pedralva is located, leaving behind a foggy scenery that was dissipating during our passage.


It seemed like the sun was clearly shining over the small recover village, illuminating a site that recovers the lost memories of our grandparents’ homes.

This is the place that you feel the desire to be in a family, a place to bring the love of your life and lose yourselves. This is the perfect spot to forget the stressful city rhythm, the place to breathe, just breathe!


With 24 houses renovated and fully operational, this village was facing a process of desertification until the owners of the project decided to renew the village.

It was when a whole different concept of tourism was brought to life.

Based on a more familiar and local point of view, this small village, with a very friendly and kind staff, welcomes you to feel at home, to enjoy and teach you ancient and traditional Portuguese costumes and our ways of living!

This is the place to be with family, with friends, with your soulmate or by yourself!

Once you get to the valley, you will return. We know we will!


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