It is difficult to find a scenery like Arrábida. It is divine, the spot where the mountain touches the sea and the place where the dolphins swim. This was the place for our boat ride.


What seemed to be a grey Winter morning, as we left the coast behind, quickly turned into a bright blue sunny warm day. Our boat ride started on the port of Setúbal, where we met our captain and crew for the day. We headed to Tróia and after a quick visit to the peninsula, we stopped by a desert beach on Tróia. A small boat was offered to help the shy early swimmers to take them to the shore, while the captain and his crew prepared lunch for this group of starving men and women. This was probably the best Massada de Peixe (traditional Portuguese dish made with fish) I have ever ate!


After lunch we ride to the area of Portinho da Arrábida, escorted by a group of dolphins (see the video), to enjoy this piece of heaven on earth. Before returning to land, we continued our boat ride discovering the Arrábida mountain from a perspective of the sea – sanctuaries, caves, desert beaches only accessible by boat and only able to be found on this coast. We arrived at the port we departed – this time extremely peaceful and grateful!

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