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Portugal Villages – “7 Wonders” is the initiative that seeks to reward our “National Identity”, in a celebration of 10 years of the 7 Wonders.

This initiative was carried out during the year of 2017, allowing each village to stand out in multiple categories. These categories were composed by Villages with History, Sea Villages, Villages nearby the River, Rural Villages, Remote Villages, Authentic Villages and Villages in Protected Areas.

The purest way to get to know a country is through its villages. And Portugal privileges us with villages that are true paradises on earth. The edition started with 332 candidates, and the seven winners were revealed September 3rd. The initiative was supported, among others, by Turismo de Portugal and the Secretary of State for Tourism.

The selected villages were, in ascending order.

Rio de Onor (Bragança)

Between narrow stone streets, the village is known for its typical shale houses and emblematic balconies. Rio de Onor is one of the best-preserved villages of the Natural Park of Montesinho and its name is shared with the river that divides it, thus granting it a charming river beach.
A village that breathes history, not only by sharing borders on Rihonor of Castile, but also because of its almost extinct dialect  – the rionorês.

Fajã dos Cubres (São Jorge Island – Azores)

Who knows her, doesn’t fail to highlight the incredible views and the miraculous waters that attract pilgrims from every country. With the singing of birds as a background sound, this village bases its economy on fishing and sugar cane plantation.

Sistelo (Arcos de Valdevez)

The economy of the village has been, for hundreds of years, based on the production of grains and grazing.
In perfect harmony with the environment, surrounded by waterfalls and mountains, you can observe the famous castle and some manor houses. Currently, a pedestrian path has been implemented, allowing those who visit to be delighted by its surroundings.

Dornes (Ferreira do Zêzere)

On the bank of the Zêzere river, this village is considered as the land of the Templars. In it still resides, the unique master that builds boats in wood, keeping the tradition alive.

Piodão (Arganil)

Piodão is a veritable artifact in the open air, its beauty, and perfect conservation, reveal on the hillside the typical houses of shale and woods painted in blue.

Monsaraz (Monsaraz)

Embraced by its walls, Monsaraz is one of the oldest and timeless settlements in Portugal, keeping alive the medieval history that has always characterized it.

Castelo Rodrigo (Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo)

The first place of Portugal Villages – “7 Wonders” was attributed to the village of Castelo Rodrigo, the city monument. Its walls, houses, and streets, tell the story of constant disputes between Kingdoms, given its proximity to Spain. Lose yourself through medieval streets and come to meet Castelo Rodrigo…

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