Comporta presents itself as a combo between beach and countryside, a natural reserve and home to some world-known celebrities. Comporta has it all!

Here are our top 3 things not to be missed at the hippie-chic Comporta:

Enjoy the beach
In just five minutes drive from the center of the village, with an excellent extension of sand, it’s possible for you to choose the type of beach you like to experience; either go for a more trendy one at Pego or Carvalhal beach or a more virgin, one apart from all the hippie chic movement as Torre Beach or Aberta Nova beach. Horse riding and yoga classes are able to be organized in the area. Also, you are near to Troia peninsula, why not a boat ride with lunch aboard between friends.

Visit the center of the small village Comporta
Since I was a little girl, I remember the long drives on national roads to Algarve. Passing by Alentejo area. The image that I kept from those rides was the marvelous stork nests on the traditional chimneys, electric wires or rooftops. At Comporta village center you are going to see a lot of them.

The village center it’s small, cozy and not so yet developed, just the way we like it and hopefully, it will stay like that. A meal at the Rice Museum is mandatory and a visit to some boho chic stores is also possible. You can’t leave Comporta without a visit to the Casa da Cultura, an ancient recovered warehouse dedicated to arts, culture, fairs & exhibitions.
Make sure to follow the stork.

Watch a sunset at Porto Palafita da Carrasqueira (Palafita Port of Carrasqueira)
Located fifteen minutes drive from Comporta, this ancient port it’s worth the visit, a port based on a precarious and sinuous wooden stakes construction buried in the mud. This type of construction, traditional architecture, was born during the latest 50’s/60’s,  from the necessity of the fishermen to answer to the growing number of boats moored in the area, due to the high search and consequent sale of oysters and clams. The muddy Sado river shores demanded a creative answer from the fishermen, so they started burying some stacks on the mud and covering them with wooden planks, to make it easier to track the boat to the shore.

Nowadays, this port has grown considerably and it’s worth your visit! Stick around for sunset and pass by the local restaurants to eat some fresh fish & seafood at fair prices.


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